Top 3 Docker Online Training Courses For Beginners

The docker course coupons will help you to save some sort money and can learn about the unique and trendy automation tools. Udemy provides several latest courses using automation tool especially Docker, Jenkins, chef, Ansible etc. I think this post will be really helpful for those who are searching for finding better course related to Docker. By learning these courses, you can easily become a professional in docker.

best docker courses

The other specialty is the most of the courses is taken by Geoffrey Emery and Nick Janetakis. Both of them are a senior specialist and a cross-platform program manager.

Docker and Containers : The Essentials Course :

In this course, the author is explaining about docker as well as the containers. If you understand this course, then it is easy for making applications in different levels. This course helps understand docker in business as well as developer perspective. It is because this idea will help to speed up their activities that you are structuring daily.

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The Docker for DevOps course: From development to production :

The author of this course is Nick Janetakis. He has more than 20 years of experience in the field of DevOps. The uniqueness of this course is that you can directly go for DevOps interview after learning this course deeply for a job opportunity without any hesitation. This course will lead you to automate the ways for building and deploying web applications.

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Scaling Docker on AWS :

This course is also taken by Nick Janetakis. In this course, he is mainly covering about the scaling, load balancing and the deployment of the web applications. And also, he talks about Dockerizing a Ruby on Rail applications. The course will aid you to get an idea for deploying applications in multiple servers too. This docker course coupon is available for this course too. Only you have to pay $10.

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