review - is it worth subscribing ? review - is it worth subscribing ?
lynda coupon review – is it worth subscribing?

In this review, I will explain why it is worth subscribing. is one of the best online course providers. We have an annual subscription from and we share the subscription with our team to learn different courses. I took ruby on rails course and it was awesome. The course starts with very basic concepts and I was able to learn ruby on rails from scratch. The best part is we could learn from anywhere. Learn while traveling, drinking coffee, etc. You can stop learning when you feel bored and start it again when you feel like learning. You might have a question like, why would I go for paid online training when I can access all the information from the internet for free? The reason is the quality and well-organized course structure. You get trained from experienced software professionals and you can save a lot of time in learning. ” Time is money” Subscription model:

Type  Price Offer
Monthy (Basic) $25 No offer! Click here to get 10 days free Trial 
Monthly (Premium) $37.50 No offer! Click here to get 7 days free Trial
Yearly (Basic) $250 Click here to get $50 discount with a basic yearly membership
Yearly (Premium) $375 Click here to get $75 discount with a premium yearly membership

They also provide good exercise materials which would help you understand the concepts while watching the tutorials. Unlike other online course providers, allows you to access all their courses with every subscription. So you can get a subscription and share it with your friends and colleagues to get maximum out of the subscription.  In this post, I will share a few things which might help you.

Demo video:

Getting started:

You can start by signing up for a trial account. A trial account lets you access all the courses on (approx 2400 courses). You will not get billed till 7 days and if you wish to continue you can subscribe to their monthly or yearly plan.


  1. Access to all the courses available on
  2. Share the subscription with the team to reap maximum benefits.
  3. Quality tutorials which get updated to the industry trends
  4. Exercise materials make learning more effective
  5. All the courses are taught by experienced professionals.
  6. Worth for the money you spend.


  1. Limited access to the tutorials, since it is a monthly/yearly subscription bases. While on you get lifetime access to the courses you subscribe. But if you buy a yearly subscription for a team, class, or college students it is worth money.
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