5 Best Udemy Web Development Courses For Beginners


There are many web development courses on Udemy but, not every course is for a beginner. Some course instructors claim that their course is for beginners but in reality it is not. So we have got the best web development courses from Udemy for beginners based on the user ratings and skill level required to get started with the course.

Udemy best web development courses

5 best Udemy web development courses For beginners:

Here is the list of web development courses from Udemy which you can make use of if you are a beginner in web development/programming.

1. Complete web development course – Learn by building 14 real world applications

This course by Rob Percival is the best web development course in Udemy with more than 1 Lakh students. No other courses have got this much subscription and user rating. Everything is because the way how Rob teaches web development to a newbie. You will learn every aspect of web development like front-end design, development, back-end development, API, WordPress development and much more. Also, you will get some Freebies like one-year unlimited web hosting for free and an ebook which teaches you  to earn $10000 while learning to code.

Get offer: Complete web developer course

Updated Course: Complete web developer 2.0 course 

2. Become a web developer from scratch

This  course by Victor Bastos  is the second best web development course on Udemy based on the number of students and positive reviews. You can start this course even if you haven’t done any programming in your life. It covers front end and backend web technologies including WordPress and bootstrap development.

Course Offer: Become a web developer from scratch

3. Build Websites from Scratch with HTML & CSS

This course by Brad Hussey  is the best web development course to learn HTML and CSS (front end development). This course will not teach you any back-end programming, but you will learn the front end development from scratch. Without a good front end, your website is of no use. So if you want to start from front end web development, this course is for you.

Course Offer: Build Websites from Scratch with HTML & CSS

4. Become a Certified Web Developer

This course by Mark Lassoff teaches you both front end technologies and back-end technologies like PhP and MySQL database. This course covers all the avenues in web development and gives you a good understanding on the overall web development process and to build you own applications.

Course Offer: Become a Certified Web Developer coupon

5. Responsive Web Design AND Web Development with HTML5 & CSS3

This course by Jonas Schmedtmann lets you learn web technologies like HTML5, CSS3, and  jQuery.  The user reviews show that the instructor is great in teaching web development using HTML5 and CSS3. Moreover, you will get one-year FREE WEB HOSTING worth $55 when you sign up fo this course.

The courses listed above covers most of the technologies related to web development. Let us know in the comment section if other good courses in Udemy are worth for beginners to learn web development


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