Top 3 Docker Online Training Courses For Beginners

The docker course coupons will help you to save some sort money and can learn about the unique and trendy automation tools. Udemy provides several latest courses using automation tool especially Docker, Jenkins, chef, Ansible etc. I think this post will be really helpful for those who are searching for finding better course related to Docker. By learning these courses, you can easily become a professional in docker.

best docker courses

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Udemy Black Friday and Cyber Monday Sale – Best Sale

October 19, 2016 Udemy Bulk offers


The perfect time to get the best deal  is Udemy  black Friday sale and cyber Monday sale.  As you know black Friday and cyber Monday are the times when shoppers go for everything because of the reduced price rates and best deals. You can subscribe for all the courses in your checklist because of its price.

Click to Activate Cyber Monday Deal

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Top 5 Udemy Passive Income Courses

July 25, 2016 Learning Spot


Udemy is a platform where anyone can be an instructor. If you have any talent that could be taught online, you can make money from Udemy. All you need is to create video course from things you are interested in teaching.

udemy top passive income courses

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Udemy Rob Percival Course Coupons and Discounts

Rob Percival is the author of best-selling web development, iOS and android application development courses. He has the best teaching ability to make everyone understand what he is trying to teach, he is  the instructor who has got thousands and thousands of positive reviews which no one has ever got in Udemy.

Rob Percival Course Coupons

In this post, I have listed out all his courses with the latest maximum discount. Following are his courses with discount offers.

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5 Best Udemy Web Development Courses For Beginners

There are many web development courses on Udemy but, not every course is for a beginner. Some course instructors claim that their course is for beginners but in reality it is not. So we have got the best web development courses from Udemy for beginners based on the user ratings and skill level required to get started with the course.

Udemy best web development courses

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Top Best Resources To learn iOS and SWIFT programming

best ios and swift course

iOS is the best software that emerged in the software development field which gives the maximum user-friendly applications as well as the standard quality of the OS. Most of the people have the confusion that where or how to start learning the iOS development. The above statement hardly matters even if you are a big zero about iOS development platform. This post will give you an idea or some sort of guidance for, how to start learning or how to enter into the iOS development field.

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How To Install and Configure Django Framework on Windows

February 23, 2015 Learning Spot


Django is the best framework for developing python based web applications. Installing Django on windows is very easy and you can get a test Django website up and running in minutes.

Install and Configure Django Framework

Install and configure django on windows

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WordPress Tutorial : How to Install WordPress on Windows Computer

WordPress is one of the best content management systems. You can create a website , blog , forum and even you can create a social network website using  WordPress. More than 60% of the worlds website runs on  WordPress. Even the top websites like  runs on WordPress CMS.

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Sublime Text Editor Tips and tricks for Beginners

The best text editor i have used till today is sublime text. I use sublime text for all my web development projects. The main reason is , it is light weight and lots and lots of plugins available for supporting variety of languages, coloring, syntax highlighting , etc, etc,.In this tutorial i will explain a few tips and tricks for sublime text 3 which will be helpful while using sublime text.

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Complete Web Developer Course – Learn Web Development From Scratch

October 12, 2014 Reviews, Web Development


Well , we normally write reviews about course providers, but this course caught my attention because this course gives you unlimited FREE WEB HOSTING worth $199 to learn and host your website.  Also this course has got more than 1000 positive user reviews and more than 25k subscribers . So i thought of writing about this course. You can get this course for 75% discount from the following link.

Course link: Learn complete web development (75% discount)

Also look : complete iOS and Swift course

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Project-based Online Courses for Professional Development – Yoda Learning

September 15, 2014 Reviews



When it comes to online courses people always underestimate the degree of value it provides as compared to face to face instructors. It is a playing field in the online courses industry whereas, not all online courses provide real value to the learners. Learning is a lifelong process, and if done with the right attitude and the right motivation everyone can master those skills. Learning a new thing and then applying to your advantage provides a certain degree of satisfaction and happiness which cannot be expressed. Learning help radiate a certain positive energy that gives you the boost you need to stay focused and motivated towards your goals.

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How To Create and Sell Online Courses

Are you an expert in a specific domain? Do you like teaching? If so, you can earn money by creating and selling your courses online. With the advent of online learning portals , learning a particular subject has become easy and less time consuming. Also , online courses are really affordable when compared to traditional institute training’s.

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How To Convert Contents of a File to HTML Tables using Shell Script

September 3, 2014 Learning Spot


There are many cases in which we will needing an HTML output for the reports we create using a shell script. For example, if you create a file using a shell script  which contains all the username and their ids from /etc/passwd file, you can convert it into an HTML file for more comprehensible output.

In this tutorial, I will explain how to convert contents of a file to HTML format with proper table headers, rows and columns data.

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Tips for AWS certified Solutions Architect and Developer certifications

July 21, 2014 Certifications, Udemy

1 Comment

simplilearn coupons

Amazon web services certification is one of the sought after certification courses in the cloud computing domain. Out of all cloud computing providers, amazon plays a major role in the cloud industry. Getting certified in Amazon web services will boost your IT career.

If you are looking for getting your foot into cloud computing domain, it is better to start with amazon web services. It offers a one year free trial to learn all about their services.

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Team Treehouse review : Learn coding from experts

1. Are you thinking of a career in web designing , web development, IOS  development or in android development? and still don’t know where to start , what to learn and how to learn quickly?  real coding?.

2. Are you a system administrator or an entrepreneur but you want to learn coding for fun or for your side project?

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How to Setup MySql Server for Rails 4 Application on Windows

June 27, 2014 Learning Spot


getting rails 4 up and running with MySQL is a little head ache when compared to the Unix rails environments. In this tutorial I will explain how to set up MySQL server for rails 4 application on windows. The latest MySQL connector creates errors while connecting with rails application.  So i recommend you to use 6.0.2 MySQL connector for your rails application.

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