How Online Learning Portals are Changing the Way we Learn


When i look back , i am totally amazed with the fact that how much technology was involved till my masters degree when compared to the olden days. Technology has changed a lot about how people learn. Ten years back when I was in school the only source of learning was books. I never thought I would be able to learn everything online just with a smart phone, tablet or a laptop. You name it and there will be a free and paid course for that particular subject.

Another interesting fact  is that , instructors can now teach online using services like  They can host their course for free and earn a decent income from that. There are also paid services like in which you can have your own online training website.

Online Learning Portals

People working in organizations should stay updated on the latest technologies related to their industry and they wont be having time to attend training courses from institutes. But various online courses make learning more easy just with an internet connections and a device which supports a browser. All the learning portals provide mobile application to watch the training videos. People can also save money by sharing the subscription. One example for that is provides online software and programming courses. For every subscription , you will get access to all their courses and you can share the subscription with your group, so that everyone can learn different technologies.

Training portals  like , khan etc, make it more easier to learn coding with project and coding examples. Even if you are not from any coding background, they will teach you to create your own website and host it online. Lot of people started learning coding to start their own personal and business websites.

Blogging is another way for people to express their views and earn money online. There are  various courses which teaches how to set up and run blogging websites using platforms like WordPress , Drupal and Joomla.

The subscription for online courses is increasing day by day. For instance, has more than 16000 courses for various domains. By subscribing to an online course you will save time and the learning time is relatively less as opposed to traditional learning institutes.

Here is an interesting infographic about the evolution of online learning.

online learning infographic



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