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There are 47 free courses included in this link. Udemy where the provider of these courses. Some people were not aware the good courses which you can avail without losing their money from their pocket. The below video courses names are few of them. You can utilize it for understanding about latest information of your field.

  1. Python 10
  2. Fundraising: Raise Money from Anyone & from Venture Capital
  3. Excel With Blogging In Just 1 Hour
  4. Simple and Easy: Learn Swift in an Hour!
  5. Windows 10 – The Fastest Way to Install, Test and Remove!
  6. Give Amazing Presentations & Enjoy Public Speaking!
  7. How To Get 50 Customers A Day With Local SEO!
  8. Long-Term Amazon Kindle Publishing Business Plan!
  9. Swift from scratch – learn programming on iOS
  10. Supercharge Your Studies: Easy Steps to Write Better Essays
  11. Create a Conversion Focused Blog/Website with WordPress
  12. Landing Your Dream Job – Effective Resume Writing
  13. Economics: Theory and Applications
  14. Chess For Everyone!
  15. BRAIN REWIRE: Installing 100% confidence and self-esteem
  16. Introduction To Audacity Audio Software
  17. Infinite Sequence and Series
  18. Finnish Language – Introductory Course I
  19. TOGAF® 9.1 Basic and Core Concepts
Free Courses

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