Gain access to different wellbeing modalities – Breath, Yog, Mudras, Acupressure, Meditation, Mindfulness, 5 element purification, Mantra, Crystals, Digital detox, vipasana, music/sound, color therapy, nature, flowers, fragrance etc  all in one course

Learn ancient techniques for deep purification and establishing a strong foundation for spiritual growth. Tools to overcome variety of psychological disorders (stress, anger, anxiety, depression etc) are included in the course. It will empower you to create lifelong healthy foundation for overall wellbeing in life.

With this course, you will get relief from tiredness and mood swings and make your body- mind and emotions your friends. You will learn to balance and align 5 elements of earth, water, fire, air and space. You will be equipped to easily release stress, anxiety, fear, improper habits and lifestyle patterns.

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