The actual price of Cloud Engineer Bootcamp is $999. But you will get this course for $599. This is for a limited time only.

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This course bundle is mainly created for absolute beginners, who want to learn from Zero knowledge related to it. By learning this course and practicing real-time projects too.

Courses Included in Bootcamp

  1. Essentials of Linux System Administration (LFS201)

This course will take 1 to 4 weeks to learn thoroughly. It mainly includes the concepts about administering, configuring, and upgrading the Linux systems. This is the first and foremost basics of the latest cloud infrastructure.

     2. Linux Networking and Administration (LFS211)

This course will take 5th to 9th week to understand the concepts clearly without any doubt by continuous practice. Here, you will learn how to run a network by working on designing, deploying, and maintaining using Linux and network service. And another important thing is securely configuring the network interfaces.

    3.  Linux Foundation Certified System Administrator Exam(LFCS)

You have to go for the Linux Foundation certification after continuously practicing the previous courses to improve your speed. Also, you can do with the trial and error method for learning the stuff. For this exam, it can take 10th week.

    4.  Containers Fundamentals (LFS253)

In this modern world, the most important is the creation of applications using containers and microservices. For deploying in any platform by using the container bundle which is an application with all its dependencies. This course will help you to get an overall idea about container technologies. This will take you 11th to 14th weeks for learning in deep.

   5. DevOps and SRE Fundamentals (LFS261)

Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery is very important for cloud administration. So, this course will teach you the skills to deploy software with full confidence with high reliability and easy to understand the core concepts too. To understand these concepts, you will take at least 15th to 18th weeks.

   6. Kubernetes Fundamentals (LFS258)

In this course, you will learn about, how to use Kubernetes which is one of the container management platforms. These fundamental concepts are used by top companies like Google to manage their application infrastructure. This will give a whole idea about to install and configure, thereby making deployments using services. This will take around 19th to 23rd weeks.

    7. Certified Kubernetes Administrator Exam (CKA)

You have to revise thoroughly the Containers Fundamentals(LFS253) and Kubernetes Fundamentals (LFS258) before going for the Bootcamp Final Exam. If you have good score in the CKA means you can easily do the task and the responsibilities related to a Kubernetes administrator as well as a cloud engineer. So this can be completed within 24th week.



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