You will learn to start simple, going over the foundations of early-stage app design and move on to creating wireframes and prototyping. Get this course for free.

About Basic UX/UI Design Wireframes and Prototyping 

Learn the up-to-date process of UX/UI design and how to draw wireframes for a mobile app. You can create a comprehensive low-fidelity design app and clickable InVision prototype.

 You can learn:

  • Fundamentals of UX/UI design
  • You can decide task and user flows for an app concept
  • How to draw low-fidelity wireframes
  • Develop a clickable prototype in InVision

This tutorial is for those who have very little to no experience in UX/UI design but are concern about learning. You can check to more Skillshare coupon codes from Crunchadeal here.

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