Get a mental workout that strengthens your joy of problem-solving abilities, especially in logic and algebra.

About Joy of Problem-Solving

This particular tutorial requires creativity, intuition, knowledge, skill, and practice. You can jump deep into four mathematical explorations, each of which effortlessly goes learning, challenging you to inspect patterns and create proofs.

Some topics covered in this tutorial are:

  • Algebra Shortcuts
  • Coin Arrangement Puzzles
  • Conditional Logic
  • Knight and Knave Puzzles
  • Logical Reasoning
  • Matchstick Arrangement Puzzles
  • Operator Search Puzzles
  • The Associative Property

This course is interesting, so you can enjoy solving beautiful, kinesthetic arrangement puzzles and delightful problems in logic and algebra.

After completing this course, you will set off a much stronger mathematical thinker. You can check more Brilliant coupon codes from Crunchadeal here.

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