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Cloud Developer Career Bundle Coupon Code

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Cloud Developer Career Bundle Includes :

Mainly 6 sections under the cloud developer career track.

1. LFD102: Beginners Guide to know about OSS Development
               Here you will learn about the open-source software development in a Linux environment. The other benefit is that you will get an introduction towards the Git. This will help you to work with a collaborative environment without more hurdles.
2. LFD201: Introduction to Open Source Development 
                 You will get the overall knowledge about the Linux methods, the tools which are used for developing the application, and also for the speedy development for the same with the help of Git.
3. LFD254: Containers for Developers 
                  Containers will help you to automate and streamline your processes with the aid of Docker. Thereby allowing you to deploy applications confidently for production.
4. LFS261: DevOps and SRE fundamentals 
                     This section will help you to get more ideas about how to deploy software very fast with high reliability and confidence using Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery. These are done accurately with the help of software tools including Docker, Git, Jenkins, Kubernetes, etc.
5. LFD259: Kubernetes for Developers 
                   It includes how to understand the concepts of containerization. How to host and deploy an application in the cluster. And finally, configure everything under the application.
6. CKAD EXAM: Certified Kubernetes Application Developer 
                     Help you to become a Certified Kubernetes Application Developer. This certification will help you to understand the industries that you are capable of designing, building, and configuring for the Kubernetes applications. Another benefit is that you will get one more free retake for the CKAD Exam.

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