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When I look back, I am totally amazed with the fact that how much technology was involved till my masters degree when compared to the olden days.

Technology has changed a lot about how people learn. Ten years back when I was in school the only source of learning was books.

I never thought I would be able to learn everything online just with a smartphone, tablet, or laptop. You name it and there will be a free and paid course for that particular subject.

Another interesting fact is that instructors can now teach online using services like  They can host their course for free and earn a decent income from that.

There are also paid services like in which you can have your own online training website.

Best Online Learning Portals

Following are the best online learning portals you could use to improve your skills in different domains

Data Science & Machine
Development &
Programming/Data Science/Machine Learning Nano Degree
Online degree &

My Thoughts About Online Learning

People working in organizations should stay updated on the latest technologies related to their industry and they won’t be having time to attend training courses from institutes.

But various online courses make learning easier just with an internet connection and a device that supports a browser.

All the learning portals provide mobile applications to watch the training videos. People can also save money by sharing a subscription. One example of that is provides online software and programming courses. For every subscription, you will get access to all their courses, and you can share the subscription with your group so that everyone can learn different technologies.

Training portals like,, khan, etc., make it easier to learn coding with the project and coding examples. Even if you are not from any coding background, they will teach you to create your own website and host it online. A lot of people started learning coding to start their own personal and business websites.

Blogging is another way for people to express their views and earn money online. Various courses teach how to set up and run blogging websites using WordPress, Drupal, and Joomla.

The subscription for online courses is increasing day by day. For instance, has more than 16000 courses for various domains. By subscribing to an online course, you will save time, and the learning time is relatively less than traditional learning institutes.

Here is an interesting infographic about the evolution of online learning.

online learning infographic

One of the trending and demanding fields in the IT industry is front-end development. Because user experience is very important in terms of websites or mobile applications. A good user experience will retain the end-users in the website or an app for a longer period of time and turning them into long-time users.

With free trials from web development courses, you can check if the course will add value for you. Here is where Educative comes into picture.

Educative is a great platform with written content with variety of IT related courses.

You can go for a monthly plan or an annual plan according to your understanding. Also, the need for learning the particular topic from the Educative course. If you want to check the quality of the course, you can go for a monthly plan for just $9.99. But it is for unlimited access for all courses from Educative.

This front-end developer course includes mainly 5 modules. Also, check out other coupons for saving more on educative subscriptions.

Module 1: Preliminaries

Here you will get an idea about what is web development? How it is linked with client and server? It also gives you the idea that how to do with HTML, CSS, Javascript, etc.

Another important area which it covers is the Microservice architecture, back end programming, and NodeJs.

Module 2 : HTML (HyperText Markup Language)

In the second module, you will get a deep understanding of how to write HTML code. After this section, you will feel that you got the A to Z concepts for specifying like headings, hyperlinking, HTML tables, HTML formats, etc.

Module 3: CSS (Cascading Style Sheets)

By learning this module, you will get the idea, how to present your website to the world? How it should look like?

CSS section includes mainly four sections.

  1. Basic: where you can learn about the sizing, pixels, picas, padding area, marginal area, etc.
  2. Text: identify the difference in text alignment, font stack, monospace, etc.
  3. Images and gradients: Here you will get knowledge about background sizing, image sizing, sizing background using keywords, etc.
  4. Flexbox: Flexbox will give you an idea for making your website design as well as a responsive website.

Module 4: JavaScript

This module includes everything about Javascript. This includes data types, functions, strings, etc. It covers the overall JavaScript

Module 5: Projects

This is the final module where you will get the idea that how to make your site available for public view. The main topics included in this section are :

  1. Essentials include the basic steps included in creating a website. Like purchasing domain name, web hosting, critical issues, etc.
  2. Publish your website: This includes the creation of projects on Google Cloud Platform, how to clone a repository, firewall access, SSL Certificate, etc.

best ios and swift course

iOS is the best software that emerged in the software development field which gives the maximum user-friendly applications as well as the standard quality of the OS. Most of the people have the confusion that where or how to start learning the iOS development. The above statement hardly matters even if you are a big zero about iOS development platform. This post will give you an idea or some sort of guidance for, how to start learning or how to enter into the iOS development field.

The first or the foremost thing you should know about the quality of the apps in the Apple store and you have to give your attention to the iOS development method. The second main thing that you should have more emphasis on is while you are copying the content or the code for the specific function to your app from online or from any other resource. That means always check the error or the hidden bugs in that set of code. It will harm your code badly in the long run. So be careful in copied codes and even don’t carelessly allow the compiler warnings too. Because it may affect the quality of your application later. So better fix and remove the unwanted code in the early stage itself and follow a proper order too.

If you are serious about learning iOS development using SWIFT programming language, We have collected a list of resources that would help you in learning iOS development.

Top iOS and SWIFT Development Courses

The main and the effective courses which will be really helpful for your application development are:

1. The Complete iOS9 Developer Course: Learn by Building 15 Real World Apps – Udemy

Complete iOS and swift course by Rob Percival is one the best online courses for learning swift. If you are a beginner in iOS development, without giving any thought, you should sign up for this course. You can check out the user reviews on Udemy for this course.

You will learn iOS development by building 18 real world applications.

Also check out: Complete iOS8 and SWIFT developer Course by Rob Pervical

Other Benefits:

1. One-year unlimited website hosting for FREE

2. eBook which teaches you to earn $10000/month while learning to code.

3. 30 days money back guarantee.

4. Full-time support from the instructor as well as the community.

Get this course for the best discount from here

Udemy also offers various other iOS and SWIFT courses. You can check out other best iOS development courses from here.

2. Learn SWIFT by building a weather app – Treehouse

Treehouse is another provider in awesome online coaching. It offers a course on SWIFT and helps you learn iOS development by building a real-world weather application. As you all know, treehouse had a wonderful community and great instructors. In treehouse, it is not limited to iOS, you can also learn other web related designing and development.

Chek out teamtreehouse discounts here.

3. Swift Programming Language First Look – is another great provider for online courses. course will give you strong fundamentals on almost all latest technologies in the IT industry. No doubt in its SWIFT course as well. It will give you a good understanding and foundation for SWIFT application development.

Get 10 days free trial account from here.

4. Build your first iPhone application in one month – has a different strategy of teaching coding in one month. It offers a track for iOS development. Every day you need to allocate a limited time to follow the track and in onemonth, you will start building applications on your own.

Chek out for discounts here

Let us know your thoughts and other best resources in the comment section below

The docker course coupons will help you to save some sort money and can learn about the unique and trendy automation tools. Udemy provides several latest courses using automation tool especially Docker, Jenkins, chef, Ansible etc. I think this post will be really helpful for those who are searching for finding better course related to Docker. By learning these courses, you can easily become a professional in docker.

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Are you an expert in a specific domain? Do you like teaching? If so, you can earn money by creating and selling your courses online. With the advent of online learning portals , learning a particular subject has become easy and less time consuming. Also , online courses are really affordable when compared to traditional institute training’s.

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